Andronik Ventures

I invest in early stage businesses via a pair of Angellist syndicates. The first, allows me to share my abundant deal flow, expanding the available capital for my angel portfolio. The other syndicate, in collaboration with my partner Barney Pell, is focussed on companies at Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab incubator at Rotman Business school where I am an associate (mentor).

Previous portfolio investments include pre-IPO investments in Razorfish, Tesla Motors & Facebook and early deals like AltSchool, Rinse and Videoplaza. More than 50% of my previous investments have had an exit in their first 3-4 years with even greater (+66%) success rate for those where I was a more actively involved.

If you'd like priority access to my syndicate deal flow, consider becoming a backer to increase your chances for an allocation. Backing does not obligate you to invest in any can decide to invest and how much on a deal-by-deal basis.

If you aren’t an accredited investor but want to follow what I’m up to join my mailing list.


CDL Syndicate

(Creative Destruction Lab) This syndicate co-managed with my partner Barney Pell is focussed on companies @ the Creative Destruction Lab incubator at Toronto's Rotman Business school an amazing 2017 cohort of startups (including AI, Machine learning, Fintech & MedTech). CDL, in the limited time since its inception,  has created +$1b in aggregate value.


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Andronik Syndicate

My executive coaching practice and my history as a successful entrepreneur provide me with an unfair advantage in inbound deal flow from young entrepreneurs seeking capital.  I am particularly focussed on "Blue Ocean" opportunities.   This syndicate lets me share this with you, often on deals where there is no other way to invest. 

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