I've been honored to work with a diverse array of entrepreneurs and companies.  Here are a few: 


 ADEX - is a blockchain-based ad exchange aiming at disrupting the existing online advertising landscape and address its significant problems: advertising fraud

MOWJOW - The newest and most rewarding quiz around. Mowjow is the only game where you can win amazing prizes - and enjoy the sweet taste of success - just by using your general knowledge.

PO.ET - Po.et is a shared, open, universal ledger designed to record metadata and ownership information for digital creative assets. Po.et’s core objective is to simplify the processes of publishing, licensing, and authentication of digital assets.

HIVE PROJECT - Hive provides new financial liquidity to small businesses by leveraging blockchain technology, giving them a range of crypto-currency based financing options. 

PILLAR - Pillar is a platform powered by its own native token that will finally fulfill the promise of the personal data locker which will power most devices, including phones, tablets, wearables, cars, buildings, and more.


CDL - control the thickness and/or visibility of all borders and rules in the template.

Exit Reality - choose the layout and logo position inside the header area of the site.

IDEAN- select the type of content that should be shown directly below (or above with Canvas Style change) the logo.

Monday Motorbikes - aligns the text when displayed inside the Page Banner area.

Radius Intel  sets the template specific (non-social icon block) social icons style.

Guardian Circle - hides the special Info Footer showing social icon links and latest single blog post.

MASTLY- disables the display of the Page Banner area (page thumbnail, title and description).

Radius Intel - hides only the title inside the Page Banner area.

Ticket Fairy - toggles the display of the miniature underline beneath the page title inside the Page Banner area. 

Venture & Seed

(custom gallery)

AltSchool - Through our network of lab and partner schools, AltSchool delivers a whole-child, personalized education that fosters student agency. (angellist)

Plantiga - provides actionable analysis from the data of human movement. (CDL & (Angellist)

Tesla - Tesla designs and manufactures the Model S electric sedan and the Model X electric SUV (Pre-IPO)




Cambridge Silicon Radio - a designer and manufacturer of single-chip devices for use in Bluetooth applications (via RAZF ventures)

Red Swoosh- was a peer-to-peer file sharing company founded by Travis Kalanick and Michael Todd in 2001 and acquired by Akamai Technologies in 2007

Videoplaza -European video supply-side platform aquired by Ooyala in 2015.


Event Styles

 Event Time Format - toggle between 24 hour or AM/PM for event times.

Event Icons - enable icons on the address and event time display.

Event Thumbnails - show an image thumbnail in list view.

Event Thumbnail Size - controls the size (ratio width:height) of the event thumbnail image.

Event Date Label - enable date overlay on top of event thumbnail.

Event Date Label Time - include the time of the event with the date overlay.

Event Excerpts - show optional excerpt text of events on the list view when present.

Event List Date - show the full event date (day, month, year) of the event on the list view.